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My First Post

Hello Everyone, Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy lives to visit my blog.

I want to take a brief moment to advise that the purpose of this blog is to help foster intellectual pursuits in a  variety of areas such as Health, Nutrition, Philosophy, and Ethics, among others. I hope to share my opinions in regards to certain situations and scenarios that may in fact positively help others or at least bring up conversations and health debates. I have an education in the above mentioned area’s of interest and I continue to participate in these fields to this day in my daily life.The opinion’s shared here are of my own and no one else, I hope to be able to have positive interactions with you all moving forward.

Thank you very much

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Road to 500lbs Part 2

Good Evening,

As of yesterday June 3, 2017 I tested my one rep maxes in the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, in a mock meet in my home gym. I had been following all of my programming for training Since January 1, 2017 to prep for this and it went as follows.

Squat: 385lbs which is a 20lb Personal Record

Bench: 275lbs which ties my Personal Record

Deadlift: 455lbs which is a 10lb Personal Record from the previous week.

I weighed the 0.2lbs more than I did last time i tested 5 months ago, so I am happy with this progress. I will not be winning any powerlifting contest, nor is that my goal. I must simply continue my 6 year pursuit towards a 500lb deadlift.

I already have my next 3 months of training programmed.  And today was day 1 of that program.

Once again, I will Deadlift 500lbs.

Thanks for your time.

Road to 500lbs Part 1

I want this blog to be a discussion of divisive topics as well as discuss my Journey through weight training and progress. Hopefully my story and progress will help provide motivation and inspiration as to a very long very hard and very true story for which I am currently still building towards the end goal


At 20 years old (I am 26 years old at this time) I was a university athlete working hard to achieve my goals in and out of season. I had always been very interested in exercise and weight training and I have been working out consistently since I was 14 years old. One day I was deadlifting relatively heavy at 365 for a few reps when someone accidentally bumped the weight on one side and made me twist on the eccentric portion of the rep. Due to this I had 3 herniated discs, multi-focal disc tears, and multiple stenosis points.

This injury ended my athletic career and sent me into 2 years of consistent low back pain and at times near immobility. I was offered a major spinal surgery in order to correct the issue but I did not proceed with it as I did not want the permanent immobility that would present itself from the procedure.

In respect of time I decided at that moment I would come back and deadlift 500lbs (at that time I had never deadlifted more than 405lbs). Given my education I took rehab into my own hands, and over the 6 years since then I have spent time making progression and regression in my abilities, functionality, and pain levels.

Over the last year I have made the best push at my 500lb goal since my injury as of this past week I deadlifted 445lbs for a single rep at an RPE 8. I will be testing all my maxes this saturday.

Deadlifting 500lbs has been a goal hovering over me for over 6 years now, with all the pain, progress, and effort I will hit my 500lb goal.

My goal is to deadlift 500lbs by November 30, 2017 this post will keep me accountable. I will continue to post my progress and results on my deadlift towards my goal. If anybody wants to discuss my training programming, principles or other details feel free to let me know


Thank you for your attention

Free Speech: Discussion part 1

In a recent podcast Sam Harris said something along the lines of “free speech is the last line of defense against stupidity”. This quote rang true with my views stronger than potentially any other quote I have ever heard.  As humans we need to be able to stand up and make our side heard and discuss those whose views of others who have contrary views. If we have strong views that are contrary to someone else’s we have the right to ridicule them and they have the right to rebuttal and ridicule us in return. This creates context, balance and a necessary safe guard for views that may proliferate as radical.

I consider myself a on the precibus of being a freedom of speech absolutist.  I would define that similar to Dave Rubin as in Freedom of speech is unimpeachable in all scenarios except in forms of violence on others. Freedom of speech is the ultimate form of self defense, self liberation, and self expression.

In my view if everyone used complete free speech “properly” all views and decisions would eventually balance out to an amicable median eventually as each side will eventually start out on the outskirts and eventually become more centrist.

As per my previous post on being offended I argue there is no benefit to self censorship or not speaking freely if it does not incite violence. Free speech causing inflammatory responses and violent responses are very different things.

What’s wrong with being offended? Part 1

I will be reviewing and critiquing what I feel are short falls in conversations that lead to miscommunication as well as discussing aspects of being “offended” and whether or not people should react the way they do when they feel such offense. This will be a multi part series. Any ideas, critiques, or criticisms are greatly appreciated.


Just because a statement or accusation said to you is perceived as inflammatory does not make the statement any less true. So many people get frustrated and reject someone else’s view simple due to their perception of the statement being inflammatory.

The response of the individual who which the statement was said at often ends up putting on blinders and building barriers in the conversation as they now feel they must to reject all claims or statements simply because they are in an arousal state. This may often be subconscious and the individual responding will even be aware of why they are responding the way they are. This arousal state completely inhibits rational thought or logic.

A simple example would be an individual using all of the gas in a roommates car and not refilling the gas tank. Thus the other individual then misses work based on the original persons actions. A conversation is now had were the latter individual calls the former individual “selfish”, & though the statement is true, the former is now in an aroused stated based on the remarks they perceived as inflammatory which will now cause them to speak in a reactive manner and at this point the conversation will no longer develop in any progressive measure.


I will be making a multi part series breaking down my personal views of this topic.

Any critiques, criticisms, or discussions are greatly appreciated

Entitlement: The worst human trait

An individual who goes in and out of situations everyday have subconscious responses to these situations that cause an interplay and frame how these situations and people respond to you. When someone has a sense of entitlement in any situation they have framed themselves as someone who is “owed” something henceforth the qualification for whatever the situation is has already been guaranteed to them.

The feeling of being owed is faulty in most situations in life. In most situations people who feel entitled to something simply have qualified to have participate or pursue the options in questions in other terms they “have there foot in the door” but they should not feel that they have already attained the object in question.

A good example is an individual who has paid premiums from their paycheck towards their health, dental, and disability benefits. When an individual goes of work for an injury and tries to apply for their disability benefits a moral quandary around entitlement appears. Some individuals assume that simply because they paid premiums towards a benefit that they automatically qualify and earn the benefit. When in reality paying premiums into a benefit simply permits you a contractual qualification to apply for the benefit that will still require more assessments and qualifying barrier’s in order to acquire the benefit.

If you move this situation forward and an individual has already been approved for a benefit their response will be completely based on how the frame their own sense of entitlement. One individual would feel owned in this situation do to their level of self entitlement and another individual who feels thankful that they qualified for the benefit have completely different views and will respond to the situation far differently even though they could be in the exact same situation in life. When reviewing this simple example their is a clear decision on which view is more positive and healthy.

I would argue that sense of entitlement has no redeeming value in our world and could be not considered any form of a survival mechanism that would have been bread through evolution. In my opinion entitlement would lead  to a lack of progress and development for any individual in almost any aspect in life.
Based on my critical review of entitlement I feel that everyone needs to work to develop the ability to re-frame situations for which they feel owed and change that feeling out for being thankful that you have the opportunity.

Thank you for reading my first real blog post.





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