An individual who goes in and out of situations everyday have subconscious responses to these situations that cause an interplay and frame how these situations and people respond to you. When someone has a sense of entitlement in any situation they have framed themselves as someone who is “owed” something henceforth the qualification for whatever the situation is has already been guaranteed to them.

The feeling of being owed is faulty in most situations in life. In most situations people who feel entitled to something simply have qualified to have participate or pursue the options in questions in other terms they “have there foot in the door” but they should not feel that they have already attained the object in question.

A good example is an individual who has paid premiums from their paycheck towards their health, dental, and disability benefits. When an individual goes of work for an injury and tries to apply for their disability benefits a moral quandary around entitlement appears. Some individuals assume that simply because they paid premiums towards a benefit that they automatically qualify and earn the benefit. When in reality paying premiums into a benefit simply permits you a contractual qualification to apply for the benefit that will still require more assessments and qualifying barrier’s in order to acquire the benefit.

If you move this situation forward and an individual has already been approved for a benefit their response will be completely based on how the frame their own sense of entitlement. One individual would feel owned in this situation do to their level of self entitlement and another individual who feels thankful that they qualified for the benefit have completely different views and will respond to the situation far differently even though they could be in the exact same situation in life. When reviewing this simple example their is a clear decision on which view is more positive and healthy.

I would argue that sense of entitlement has no redeeming value in our world and could be not considered any form of a survival mechanism that would have been bread through evolution. In my opinion entitlement would lead  to a lack of progress and development for any individual in almost any aspect in life.
Based on my critical review of entitlement I feel that everyone needs to work to develop the ability to re-frame situations for which they feel owed and change that feeling out for being thankful that you have the opportunity.

Thank you for reading my first real blog post.