I will be reviewing and critiquing what I feel are short falls in conversations that lead to miscommunication as well as discussing aspects of being “offended” and whether or not people should react the way they do when they feel such offense. This will be a multi part series. Any ideas, critiques, or criticisms are greatly appreciated.


Just because a statement or accusation said to you is perceived as inflammatory does not make the statement any less true. So many people get frustrated and reject someone else’s view simple due to their perception of the statement being inflammatory.

The response of the individual who which the statement was said at often ends up putting on blinders and building barriers in the conversation as they now feel they must to reject all claims or statements simply because they are in an arousal state. This may often be subconscious and the individual responding will even be aware of why they are responding the way they are. This arousal state completely inhibits rational thought or logic.

A simple example would be an individual using all of the gas in a roommates car and not refilling the gas tank. Thus the other individual then misses work based on the original persons actions. A conversation is now had were the latter individual calls the former individual “selfish”, & though the statement is true, the former is now in an aroused stated based on the remarks they perceived as inflammatory which will now cause them to speak in a reactive manner and at this point the conversation will no longer develop in any progressive measure.


I will be making a multi part series breaking down my personal views of this topic.

Any critiques, criticisms, or discussions are greatly appreciated