In a recent podcast Sam Harris said something along the lines of “free speech is the last line of defense against stupidity”. This quote rang true with my views stronger than potentially any other quote I have ever heard.  As humans we need to be able to stand up and make our side heard and discuss those whose views of others who have contrary views. If we have strong views that are contrary to someone else’s we have the right to ridicule them and they have the right to rebuttal and ridicule us in return. This creates context, balance and a necessary safe guard for views that may proliferate as radical.

I consider myself a on the precibus of being a freedom of speech absolutist.  I would define that similar to Dave Rubin as in Freedom of speech is unimpeachable in all scenarios except in forms of violence on others. Freedom of speech is the ultimate form of self defense, self liberation, and self expression.

In my view if everyone used complete free speech “properly” all views and decisions would eventually balance out to an amicable median eventually as each side will eventually start out on the outskirts and eventually become more centrist.

As per my previous post on being offended I argue there is no benefit to self censorship or not speaking freely if it does not incite violence. Free speech causing inflammatory responses and violent responses are very different things.