I want this blog to be a discussion of divisive topics as well as discuss my Journey through weight training and progress. Hopefully my story and progress will help provide motivation and inspiration as to a very long very hard and very true story for which I am currently still building towards the end goal


At 20 years old (I am 26 years old at this time) I was a university athlete working hard to achieve my goals in and out of season. I had always been very interested in exercise and weight training and I have been working out consistently since I was 14 years old. One day I was deadlifting relatively heavy at 365 for a few reps when someone accidentally bumped the weight on one side and made me twist on the eccentric portion of the rep. Due to this I had 3 herniated discs, multi-focal disc tears, and multiple stenosis points.

This injury ended my athletic career and sent me into 2 years of consistent low back pain and at times near immobility. I was offered a major spinal surgery in order to correct the issue but I did not proceed with it as I did not want the permanent immobility that would present itself from the procedure.

In respect of time I decided at that moment I would come back and deadlift 500lbs (at that time I had never deadlifted more than 405lbs). Given my education I took rehab into my own hands, and over the 6 years since then I have spent time making progression and regression in my abilities, functionality, and pain levels.

Over the last year I have made the best push at my 500lb goal since my injury as of this past week I deadlifted 445lbs for a single rep at an RPE 8. I will be testing all my maxes this saturday.

Deadlifting 500lbs has been a goal hovering over me for over 6 years now, with all the pain, progress, and effort I will hit my 500lb goal.

My goal is to deadlift 500lbs by November 30, 2017 this post will keep me accountable. I will continue to post my progress and results on my deadlift towards my goal. If anybody wants to discuss my training programming, principles or other details feel free to let me know


Thank you for your attention