Good Evening,

As of yesterday June 3, 2017 I tested my one rep maxes in the Squat, Bench, and Deadlift, in a mock meet in my home gym. I had been following all of my programming for training Since January 1, 2017 to prep for this and it went as follows.

Squat: 385lbs which is a 20lb Personal Record

Bench: 275lbs which ties my Personal Record

Deadlift: 455lbs which is a 10lb Personal Record from the previous week.

I weighed the 0.2lbs more than I did last time i tested 5 months ago, so I am happy with this progress. I will not be winning any powerlifting contest, nor is that my goal. I must simply continue my 6 year pursuit towards a 500lb deadlift.

I already have my next 3 months of training programmed.  And today was day 1 of that program.

Once again, I will Deadlift 500lbs.

Thanks for your time.